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Traditional Noodle Mixing Sauce

The Savoury Wan Chai Traditional Noodle Sauce with the authentical recipe. 

  Wan Chai Noodle Sauce is made from premium soy sauce, sugar, flavoury fried shallot oil and well-selected oyster sauce that's well-mixing and ready to use!

  You can use it for Stir-frying, Mixing, Brasing, Stewing or toss with any simple home-cook dishes! Wan Chai Noodle Sauce is strictly hygiene and quality-guaranteed that enhance your simple dishes become extra-ordinary. 

You don’t have to go to a hawker centre to tuck into a hearty bowl of noodles, the Wan Chai Hong Kong Wan Tan Mee will have your comfort food craving ready in under 3 minutes!

  Wan Chai Hong Kong Wan Tan Mee is a vacuum pack to ensure the hygiene and safety for our customers. Now you can enjoy the authentic Hong Kong Wan Tan Mee while staying home and stay safe with your beloved one. 

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