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The Authentic Noodles Business



Wan Chai Sdn. Bhd was founded in 1996 by our dear Mr Siow Chok Tong. Along with his passion and determination, the business grew from its humble beginnings to virally in the past decades. Until today, we provide a wider range of choice of freshly made noodles, wrappers that enlighten our customer taste buds!

  • Wan Tan Mee, Shanghai Mee, Spinach Mee, Ban Mee and more ​​

  • Sui Kao Peh, Wan Tan Peh, Dim Sum Peh and more

  Thanks to word-of-mouth recommendations that grew virally and thousand of dedicated clients, continuous efforts are made to maintain the highest standard of the production process and product quality that multiplied demand from the market! 

Image by Shawn-Olivier Boivin Blanchard

Our Mission

We are determined to create a satisfying, authentic experience of our products to our customers that will remain good or even better quality despites our operation and production are constantly evolving.


Our Value

To foster reliable, healthy and lasting relationships with our workers and customers.


Our Vision

We are committed to bring the best food products to our customers worldwide through our innovative method of making food products.

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